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Floatation Worcester

We provide many options to helping you find and maintain your natural balance.  Stay on top of your game whether it is to maintain emotional well-being, physical health or spiritual health.  We are here to support your journey in life, naturally.!

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If you have plans to incorporate a wellness plan into your life with holistic services you may be interested in our membership options.  We also offer series at discounted rates as well as discounts for students, seniors, veterans. 

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A Practice is key to health, longevity, inner peace, and overall well being.  What is your practice?  

Learn more about the practices of Polarity Therapy,Yoga, Floatation Therapy,Enzyme Nutrition, and Meditation.

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Helping You Find & Maintain ​Balance 

An integrative approach to managing health; NATURALLY!

Offering floatation in Worcester area!