Floatation Spa Hypnotherapy

Removing obstacles that get in the

Retreats are back!

Our Spa Retreats are designed to provide you with the ultimate relaxation experience.

What We Do

We listen to you, your challenges and goals, then with you we design the treatment plan to get you there. Eighteen years experience providing you with service focused on your goals.

Treatment Like No Other

We are a dedicated group of healers who want nothing more than to support your journey, so you can experience true peace and happiness through all of life's turns.

way of feeling amazing!

Float + Sauna

Escape from the stress of everyday life. Relax, detox, heal.

Open 7 Days a Week by Appointment                                                                       508-612-7488

Float + Massage

We listen and design the perfect session to meet your goals.

Float + Massage + Sauna

Relaxation and clarity, like no other. The ultimate retreat.