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Hypnosis for weight loss begins with managing cravings.



When you are seeking clarity, holding your power, establishing appropriate boundaries, or healing old trauma's; energy aligning is the perfect healing session.

Our energy systems hold our history, they are a story to be told. Energy practitioner's follow the energy to support your unfolding so you can access your light and your power.

Polarity therapy, an energy based bodywork, begins the process of releasing the energy that blocks you from accessing your potential. An energy clearing at the end of the session addresses the deeper challenges stemming from circumstances of the past.

Energy clearing and aligning sessions may be received in person, or distance. Some people may prefer to stay home to receive the work.  

If you wish to receive weekly distance energy clearings to strengthen and align to higher vibration and next levels of consciousness, please check out this opportunity in a group format.

Here is what some of the participants have to say;

"I have to say I am loving that my sarcastic smartass self is returning 😁 yay for me getting back to being me!"

"Thank you Tina 😊
I feel tons better this morning!"

"Thank you Tina.  Is was an amazing session.  I woke up a different person and feel very tired...Went back to bed for 40 mins and feel tons better.   
 Thank you for bringing me to the highest...
   As you always say...Higher Vibration rules"

Each session begins with a conversation to determine your goals, as well as to determine where the energy may be blocked.

The results from receiving this work are a feeling of clarity, of strength, and a deeper connection with self and others.

Here is a 3 minute video on how energy drains your energy.

For those of you who wish to learn more about energy systems, here is the link to Brigitini School of Holistic Thought, the Energy Course.

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