Insight Into Energy of Entities

Tina Brigitini, CICH, M.Msc.

43 Minutes $37


Connecting to Spirit

Last Friday each month

Registration: $30

Energy Systems Awareness & Management

Tues. & Thurs.

6-10 pm, August 22nd & 24th

Early Bird 8/1 $247. both classes (Reg. $400.)

Intuitive Development

2nd Monday each month

Registration $25/1.25 hours


This class is for everyone, practitioners, teachers, parents, partners, and more.

Learn how you lose life force (energy) and how to access higher frequencies to attract into you life that which supports your highest self.

Completion of this class gives you access to advanced classes that require you to have an understanding of managing your own energy.

For more information on advanced classes visit our education website.

Workshops and events 

Path To Self-Realization

Please join Tina Brigitini live in Facebook for live Webinars & Workshops! Discover a variety of practices to support your Spiritual Evolution to enhance your journey to enlightment.

Awakening Retreats

Time: 10-4 pm

Registration: $147.

  • Card Reading 10-20 min.
  • Women's Celtic Wheel
  • Yoga/Meditation
  • Potluck Lunch
  • Energy Clearing & Repair
  • Journal & Discussion



Art with Heart

​3rd Monday each month

​Registration $60/2.5 hours

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Opening Energy Yoga & Sound Meditation to Awaken

Last Sunday of each month

Time: 8 am - 10 am

Registration: $30