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Floating may not be for everyone, if you are anxious this may be helpful.

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3 (50m) Floats only $129


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What to bring with you?

  • If you wear contacts, please wear glasses or bring your solution and remove your contacts.
  • Please bring your own towels, or you may rent ours for $2 per towel
  • We provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash, you may also bring your own.
  • We have a blow dryer, please bring your own brush or comb
  • If you have any cuts or scrapes, bring a petroleum to cover and avoid severe stinging and keep our water sanitized.

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30 MIN/$50 - 50 MIN/$60 - 80 MIN/$80

Here is what Kathleen had to share after her float experience.

Some people want to know how I got started, so here is the brief story.

Immerse yourself into the 9 inches of saline solution and experience the deepest relaxation on the planet.

This is our actual tank room. I like the blue light but if you want it off, please ask.

This was a LIVE WEBINAR, feel free to listen to more on floating.

"My girlfriend has been wanting to try the float therapy for a while so for a surprise I booked a her a session (As well as one for me) and I have to say it was a wonderful experience. We each did a 50 minute float along with a 30 minute polarity therapy session. When we walked out of crystalline awaken we were both so relaxed and stress free it was unlike anything I have ever felt before." Jim Kay


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