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Taking Care of Our Children

With your help, we're making a difference.

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Did you know that in Massachusetts, there are more than 16,000 homeless children under the age of 5?

Homeless children have twice the rate of learning disabilities and three times the rate of emotional-behavioral disorders than children who are housed. For parents, homelessness is a traumatic experience that leaves them feeling very dis-empowered.

The mission of Horizons for Homeless Children is to improve the lives of young homeless children in Massachusetts and help their families succeed by providing high-quality early education, opportunities for play, and comprehensive family support services.

It takes a tribe to raise a child. Together, we are a tribe, and 5% of every service you enjoy with us is being donated to Horizons for Homeless Children. 

We thank you for joining us in supporting our children.

With Love & Gratitude,

The Crystalline Awaken Team