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Hypnosis for weight loss begins with managing cravings.

Our integrated sessions are designed to support you in accessing your highest potential. Depending upon your goals, your session may include Polarity, Reiki, BARS, Energy Clearing & repair, and/or Thai Bodywork.

Polarity Therapy skillfully removes obstacles that get in the way of your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.  Providing relief to digestion, respiration, circulation, structural alignment, muscle relaxation, while opening the flow of energy pathways.  Polarity is a collective arrangement of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for an amazing and deeply profound bodywork session.

BARS provides an incredible experience to induce deep relaxation, and holds the key to releasing old and limiting belief patterns that no longer serve.

Thai Bodywork is incorporated for anyone who wishes to experience the benefits of massage while remaining fully clothed during our integrated bodywork session. Palpation to the muscle to induce relaxation while releasing energy blocks of holding.

An integrated bodywork session most often provides our clients with:

A reduction to stress levels
Deep relaxation
Clarity and focus
Inner peace and calm
Energy balance
Freedom from limiting beliefs
Expansion and creativity
New ideas
​Relief from physical tension and holding
& much more!.