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Tina offered an introductory 30 minute Polarity which I found relaxing, comforting and energizing. Just walking into the space gives a feeling of serenity and peace. I'm looking forward to exploring more programs at Crystalline Awaken, and to meet with Tina again soon. She is a calm and gentle soul. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

-Cathy L.

Client Reviews

I just went in for polarity therapy and it was amazing! I was shaking and could literally feel all of the negative energy leaving my body. SUCH an AMAZING experience. Thank you so much, Tina!! I will be back and will recommend this to all my friends.
-Kelly N.

I went for a guided meditation on Sunday with Tina, and the following day, had a float.  I've been floating for quite a few years, and I always look forward to going to do so.  Such an incredible experience every time I go, and can't say enough about how welcome I feel there.  Thank you. :)​      -Stephen H.

​Wow is all I can say! I have just started my journey to a better me and in the first 15 mins of talking with Tina she discovered a HUGE roadblock in my life and has given me the suggestions and guidance to change. I have only been here twice so far but I can tell I will be a frequent flyer hopefully for many years to come! Thank you Tina for the most eye opening experience of my life.

​-Shelby C.

​​We recognize that no two people are alike, and so we believe no two sessions should be either. Every session is tailored to each clients individual goals.

I had my first polarity session with Ashley on Friday and came back Saturday for my first float experience. I cannot say enough great things about both. They truly are unique experiences that will definitely have me coming back for more!
​-Lindsey K.


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