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        If you are ready to join me or just want to see if this program is for you, give me a call.  I am happy to support you on your journey to health. You are welcome to also join our facebook group dedicated to motivation on the journey to higher health.  I offer a lot of great information in this group to help you to understand the underlying cause of some of our physical challenges.
      Bottom line; the body must have the capability of digesting, assimilating and eliminating properly.  Whether your goal is to eat healthier or to be healthier, our body must get proper nutrition delivered to the appropriate organ systems.


         - Tina Brigitini

Tina's Story

    Upon meeting me you may think I am in good shape, can eat anything I want and not gain weight. FALSE! I am working just as hard as you are to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Last November, I had shoulder surgery and self-medicated with carbohydrates and, of course, limited exercise. The results; need I say more. I had a lot of work to do and needed to get to work fast. I understand, as you may, that aging diminishes our ability to maintain our original shape.  It now takes longer and more effort than ever. I am doing it and so can you! I have decided that to grow old, fat and sickly is somebody else's story, not mine.
      Of course we all need some assistance, that is what I am here to help you with.  Hypnosis works well when you work it! Diet and exercise are necessary if you want to create the change.  There is simply no way around it. Are you ready?  I posted a couple links to the diet and exercise program I used in addition to the supplement I provide in the program, SRB.  Just in the event you are looking for something that worked for me.

        Prior to this program I was watching what I was eating and always felt like I was starving. I went to the gym every day and I was getting discouraged fast.  After 3 days of doing my 30 minute workouts and getting my dense nutrition, I noticed my body beginning to change!  Yeah, finally!  I am 55 and although I may not have reclaimed my 20 year old body, or my 30 year old body, I am getting to the point where I feel I am residing comfortably in my body.  This might be my 40 year old body and I am happy with that. I am down to my original size clothing that I was in my early forties.  I am not one to weigh myself, as I am more concerned with how I feel and how my clothes fit than how much I weigh. That is a personal decision; I can find it's discouraging to watch the scale.​